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Reopening Schools 2020-2021

NHCS is operating under Plan B AA/BB schedule in all grades. Pre-K through grade 5 will transition to Plan A on Monday, March 8, 2021. Grades 6-12 will continue to operate under Plan B AA/BB schedule. 
Under Plan A, all elementary students will have the option to choose full-time in-person learning or full-time remote learning. Schools will be contacting parents to verify the attendance option they are choosing for their student.
NHCS families should verify PowerSchool contact information is current to receive Connect 5 phone, email, and text notifications from their schools and the district.

See the NHCS website for more information about school reopening.
Student Groupings  
Students in grades Pre-K- 5 will transition from Plan B to Plan A beginning January 19, 2021 and will attend school five days a week. For parents who elect not to have their children attend in-person school full time, a 100% remote learning option will be provided. Schools will design these options for their students.
Attendance Expectations 
School Arrival Traffic Patterns 
  • School begins at 7:50 AM.  We will start screening car riders at 7:20 AM.  
  • Morning  drop off will look significantly different this year.  We ask  for your patience as we implement new procedures that  align to new requirements.  Please understand that the car line will take longer this  year.  You will want to leave yourself ample time in the  morning as we implement procedures that are new to  everyone.
  • Students are ​NOT PERMITTED​ to exit their cars until they  have been screened and directed to do so by a school staff member.  Unfortunately, parents will not be permitted to park and  walk their child to the building.    
  • After turning off Roger Haynes Drive, drivers will utilize two lanes to pull up the front of the school.   Working one lane at a time, a staff member will come to each car in the line to screen all of the students in that  car.  ​The screener will take the temperature of all CHES students then ask the screening  questions of the driver.  When the students pass the  screening, the staff member will ask the students to get out of the car, hand each student an admission ticket, and make sure the students make it safely to the sidewalk.  Once all students have safely made it to the  sidewalk, a staff member will direct the cars in that line to pull forward.  The screeners will repeat this process with  the next lane of cars.      
  • Students who attend Holly Shelter will not  be permitted to exit their vehicles at Castle Hayne  Elementary.     
  • Please take time to watch this ​Car Rider Arrival video​! 

School Arrival Health Screening Procedures 
  • All students will be given temperature checks and health screenings before entering the building.  If they arrive by bus, they will be screened as they exit the bus. If they arrive by car, we ask that they stay in the car until a health screener has stopped by your vehicle.
  • We recognize how complicated the screening questions  may be for our youngest learners. A visual option will be  provided.  As appropriate, please take time to talk to your  child about the questions and help your child understand  what’s being asked.    
  • Screening Questions:  a. Do you have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, nausea,  diarrhea?  b. Within the past 14 days, have you been in contact with  anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms?  c. Have you had a positive COVID test within the past 10  days?  d. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical  professional told you to quarantine or self-isolate  because of COVID-19 infection? 
Building Social Distancing Features/Expectations  
  • Students will be required to maintain social distancing at all times throughout the school day.  Sadly, students will not be permitted to hug, give high 5s, or touch in any way.
  • Students in PK-1st grade will use the restrooms located in their classrooms.  Students in 2nd-5th grade will follow a schedule for bathroom breaks.  Students must be supervised and escorted to the restrooms by the classroom teacher.  Social distancing practices will also be required in the bathroom.  All bathrooms will be disinfected at least once every hour with the approved disinfectant spray.  Bathrooms will be off limits during arrival and departure.
  • Classroom teachers have been equipped with cleaning products and disinfectant.  Custodians will wipe down high traffic areas frequently throughout the school day.
  • Students will have their own materials and will not be permitted to share.  All students will have their own set of school supplies and will only be permitted to use their materials.
  • Water fountains will remain off limits to  students.  The water bottle refill stations are open.  Please send a refillable water bottle with your child. 
  • Students will be required to wash their hands upon arrival to the classroom each day and frequently throughout the day.  Hand sanitizing stations are also located throughout the building.  Please take time to watch these videos!   
  • Students will eat breakfast and lunch in their classrooms.  Breakfast will be served in a “grab and go” manner.  This means that students will grab a breakfast bag on their way to their classroom during arrival each morning.  Lunch will be delivered to classrooms.
  • We are excited for parents to be able to come to the school to visit, eat lunch with your child, and volunteer.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate visitors and volunteers at this time.
Procedures When a Student Becomes Ill at School
  • Car riders who do not pass screening will not be permitted to get out of their vehicle.
  • Bus riders who do not pass the screening will be moved to an isolation space while parents are contacted. 
  • Students who present any COVID-like  symptoms throughout the day will be moved to an isolation space until parents arrive.
Mask Guidance
  • By governor’s order, all students will be required to wear masks at all times.  Teachers will follow prescribed guidelines for providing students with 5 minute mask breaks during the day.  
  • Lanyards will be provided to all students.  Additional masks are also available to students who need them.    
  • Please take time to view these presentations!
Dr. Foust
The Importance of Practicing the 3W's During the Pandemic