Castle Hayne Elementary


Character, Honor, Excellence and Self-Discipline


Faculty & Staff


Sam Highsmith
Sam Highsmith


Hello Hurricanes! I’m excited to once again serve as the proud principal of Castle Hayne Elementary School! Being a life-long Wilmingtonian and a product of its school system, I am committed to making our school the shining gem of northern New Hanover County! I was blessed to attend Gregory and Tileston Elementary Schools, Sunset Park Jr. High School, and Williston 9th Grade Center. After graduating from John T. Hoggard High School I enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (yes I am a Tar Heel Born and Bred!) where I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Relations. After a career change I received my teaching certification and Masters of School Administration from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
I served as a volunteer coach at my alma mater Hoggard High School before becoming a social studies teacher there in 1992. After 7 great years of teaching and coaching, I accepted the North Carolina Principals Fellows Scholarship in 1999 and began my pursuit of a career in administration. I was hired as the first Assistant Principal of Eugene Ashley High School in 2001. I moved to Hubert A. Eaton Elementary School in 2006, then to Myrtle Grove Middle School in 2009. In 2012 I was blessed to be named Principal of Myrtle Grove and served in that capacity for 5 years. In 2017 I was blessed again by being assigned to serve as Principal of the Castle! It’s an amazing feeling to have worked my entire educational career in the same school system that raised and nurtured me!
I am married to an amazing woman and fellow educator, Pam, who I met while teaching at Hoggard High School. She currently teaches math at Ashley High School. We have been blessed with 2 children, Alex and Lauryn, both successful graduates of Ashley High School. Alex is a senior at the UNC-Charlotte and Lauryn is a sophomore at my alma mater UNC-Chapel Hill.
Ashley Goodlett
Assistant Principal 

Greetings Hurricanes! I am so excited to be a part of the Castle Hayne Family this year. I recently relocated to the area from Winston Salem, where I served as an Assistant Principal for the past 3 years. I am an Air Force brat, so I always find it difficult to say where I am from, but I have lived in Mississippi, California, England, Florida, Washington State, and numerous places in North Carolina. Although I have traveled extensively, it’s exciting to now relocate near my parents’ hometown of Burgaw and live among family. 

I am a graduate of Central Washington University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minor in Chemistry. It was my original dream to become a Pediatrician. However, I spent the summer after I graduated working at an alternative learning center and found a love for education. In addition to a B.A. in Biology I also hold a Master of Arts in Teaching, Post-Master Certification in School Administration, Ed.S in Educational Leadership, and I am currently working toward my Doctorate hoping to finish in 2020 (YAY)!

This is my 12th year in education. I have been a science teacher in middle schools and an elementary school and served as an Instructional Facilitator. I am so thrilled to come back to elementary education. 

I am happily married to an educator, and we have two daughters.  In my spare time I love spending time with my family. Please stop by and say hello. I can’t wait to meet and work with each of you this year!

Pre-K Team

Jennifer Sulloway
Teresa Brandon 

The Kindergarten Team

Angela Hayden
Mrs. Angela Hayden
 Bridgette Johnson
Mrs. Bridgette Johnson
Shannon Keding Kindergarten

Mrs. Shannon Keding

Jenni Roberson
Mrs. Jenni Roberson 
Tamara Williams
Ms. Tamara Williams

1st Grade Team

Marissa Czombos
Mrs. Marissa Czombos
Melinda Miller
Ms. Melinda Miller
Holly Jones
Ms. Holly Jones
Merideth Perry


Tara Laymon 1st grade

Mrs. Tara Laymon

2nd Grade Team

Angela Hicks
Jessica Williams
Mrs. Jessica Williams 
Todd Trevor
Mr. Trevor Todd
Candice Houseman
Mrs. Candice Houseman


Kinsey Goode 2nd grade

Mrs. Kinsey Goode

3rd Grade Team

Megan Bradley
Ms. Megan Bradley 
Amanda Edwards
Ms. Amanda Edwards 
Megan Burley
Mrs. Megan Burley 
Mary Sulava

Mrs. Mary Sulava 

Kayla Graham
Ms. Kayla Graham 

4th Grade Team

Cathy Duerr
Ms. Cathy Duerr
Denise Fox
Mrs. Denise Fox 
Robert Voetsch-Rainford 
Marissa Heckell
Mrs. Marissa Heckel

5th Grade Team

Chelsea Litzinger
Ms. Chelsea Litzinger 
Jaclyn Deconti 5th Grade

Ms. Jaclyn DeConti

Sarah White
Ms. Sarah White
Michelle Brainard
Ms. Michelle Brainard

Teacher Assistants

Becca Beitel
Mrs. Becca Beitel 
Saralyn Bland
Mrs. Saralyn Bland
Sheryl Eamma
Mrs. Sheryl Eamma 
Kelly Carr
Mrs. Kelly Carr 
Tracy Nowak
Ms. Tracy Nowak 
Camie Westbrook
Mrs. Camie Westbrook
Mrs. Lateisha Dowd-Williams

Mrs. Lateisha Dowd-Williams

Mrs. Ann Hewett


Jen Fiddler
Jen Fiddler
Melissa Shaw
Melissa Shaw
Sara Boyette

Tricia Crimmel

Brittany Hunt

Our Specialist Team

Peggy Clearly
Ms. Peggy Cleary
Catherine Charles
Ms. Catherine Charles
Nathan Faulk
Mr. Nathan Faulk 
Physical Education 
Lori Winner
Mrs. Lori Winner 
Media Specialist 

Our Resource Staff

Brandy Conley
Mrs. Brandy Conley
Carrie Herstine
Mrs. Carrie Herstine
Instructional Coach 
Allison Linkner
Mrs. Alison Linkner

Our EC Team

Sarah Rose
Ms. Sarah Rose
Anthony Corvino
Mr. Anthony Corvino
Shauna Pirozzolo
Mrs. Shauna Pirozzolo
Tracy Plumley
Mrs. Tracy Plumley
Speech Therapist 

Our EC Para-Educators

Heather Noe
Mrs. Heather Noe
Saundra Stevens
Mrs. Saundra Stevens 
Mary Jo Stewart
Mrs. Mary Jo Stewart 

Our Office Staff

Kristen Aust
Mrs. Kristen Aust
Matt Barker
Mr. Matt Barker
Mental Health 
Kristin Bednarczyk
Mrs. Kristin Bednarczyk
Colleen Applewhite
Ms. Colleen Applewhite
School Nurse
Laura Martinez
Ms. Laura Martinez
Paula Pavlik
Mrs. Paula Pavlik
Data Manager 
Candy Robbins
Ms. Candy Robbins
Social Worker 
Lisa Todd
Mrs. Lisa Todd

Our Custodial Staff

Wanda Hill-Wells
Ms. Wanda Hill-Wells 
Ursla Mitchell
Ms. Ursla Mitchell 

Ms. Danielle Williams

Mr. Shawn Daniels Custodian

Mr. Shawn Daniels

Our Cafeteria Staff

Nancy Ward
Ms. Nancy Ward
Andrea McMillan
Ms. Andrea McMillan
Amy Tackett

Amy Tackett

Martina Messenger

Martina Messenger