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Procedures for Make-up Work Due to Quarantine

As you are aware, COVID-19 is still a concern in our communities and schools. In the event that your family is impacted and your child has to quarantine, we have put some steps in place to ensure that your child receives assignments and that you receive frequent communication from your child’s teacher. Below are the steps our staff will follow in the event your child has to quarantine. 

  • Within 24 hours: Your child’s teacher will contact you to discuss the student’s health, make-up work and missed school events. Arrangements will be made with you to pick up assignments, which will be in the form of paper packets.
  • Within 48 hours: Teachers will continue to be in contact with you daily through your preferred method of contact, such as phone, email, Class Dojo or Clever. Please inform your child’s teacher of your preferred method. Make-up work may be picked up from the front office. If you are unable to pick up assignments, arrangements can be made to drop off assignments to your child with the teacher and Mrs. Robbins, our School Social Worker.
  • Throughout your child’s quarantine the teacher will continue to make daily contact with you to check on the student and to make arrangements for future assignments to be picked.  
  • On Day 9-10: Your child’s teacher will make contact with you to ensure that the student is returning to school on the anticipated date and check to see if there are any needs. Arrangements will be made to finalize assignment completion and ensure a smooth transition back to school. 

If there are specific questions for the school nurse or administration, call 910-602-4970 Monday-Friday from 8 am - 4 pm or email at anytime our school nurse at or administration at or